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Boulder Dash Rocks!

Hubble, rubble, we smell trouble

You've got to feel for Rockford, the plucky bulb-headed prospector who's been the hero of the Boulder Dash series of games for, ooh, 23 years now. All he wants is a simple life; one of excavating the dirt in any number of themed worlds in his search for diamonds (and here, the number is four, including lava worlds and a ghostly underworld.)

Things go the way of the pear for our hero if he's careless in planning out his routes - hulking great boulders litter the dirtscape, and the laws of gravity will be only too happy to deposit them onto his big blue bonce if he neglects to ensure there's enough of the 'brown stuff' intact to keep them in place.

Sounds fair enough, but things aren't that simple for our put-upon star; there are scores of animals lurking underground who would love to make Rockford an in-between-meals treat, and it's when fleeing from these brutes that you're likely to make critical errors of judgement, toppling a tonne of rock onto your skull. Ouchie!

So this is a welcome update of one of NGamer's favourite retro titles. 10Tacle Studios have seen fit to include a multiplayer race mode (which sees Rocky fighting against arch-nemesis Tentacle in a sprint for the affections of the lovely, uh, Crystal) and a special stylus-enabled puzzle mode named Route Race.

But no level construction kit? Bah! We had one of those back when Mario was kidnapping DK.