TimeShift: The Story So Far

Advertorial: Time-shifting shooter explained

It's a rainy afternoon in an alternate timestream. The world is ravaged by civil war; mechanical beasts roam the tattered streets, gun fights echo in the distance and video billboards display propaganda from the new ruler of the world... a man who travelled through time.

Dr. Aidan Krone has become the first human being to make a time-jump across the space-time continuum - and using your experimental Beta Suit you've just arrived to stop him.

As you can see from the videos to the right, TimeShift has come on a lot in the last 12 months. Artistically, environments have been completely rebuilt to create a darker, grittier world, and developer Saber has had plenty of time to perfect its main attraction; time-tweaking gunplay.


The Beta Suit makes you the ultimate weapon against Krone's legions of troops. A malfunction has given you the ability to slow, stop, and reverse the flow of time.

As you can imagine this allows for some off-the-wall fire fights where stopping time, stealing an enemy's shotgun and taking out the entire squad in the blink of an eye is common strategy.

But it's not always as straight-forward as that; as you can see from the videos advanced strategies can take your time-shifting powers to whole new levels of tactics and slow motion mischief.

A noob might shoot the place up with little thought for his time powers, where as an advanced player may do a straight forward time-stop and dispatch the bad guys before they've even had time to blink.

An elite player however knows that at first sight of an enemy he can reverse time, and slip behind enemy lines without them even knowing he's there. It's this kind of gameplay that's going to make TimeShift one of the more interesting shooters this Christmas, especially once you've got your head around the powers of time travel.

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