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No Portal on Wii, says Valve

Doug Lombardi tells us there's nothing in production

Rumours of Valve's mind-bending Portal game hitting Wii are, as much as we'd like them to be, not true, says the developer's marketing man, Doug Lombardi.

A story swept across the internet over the weekend saying that Valve's Portal was coming to Wii. And judging by the amount of emails we received from CVG readers, a Wii version is something that you'd all take to quite favorably.

With that in mind we spoke to Valve spokesman Doug Lombardi, who admitted it's an interesting idea but said there are no plans on the drawing board just yet.

"It's an extremely interesting idea, but there's nothing in product - not yet, anyway," he told CVG. Notice how he didn't rule it our completely? And let's face it, it would work on Wii, just a case of getting the engine up and running. We'll be keeping an eye on this one...

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