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7 Games for Halloween

Watch: Videogame nasties

Hands up who doesn't like getting scared out of their skin once in a while? (Hit this link if you put your hand up.) The dark winter nights are perfect for trying to scare yourself stupid, and it's never been easier thanks to HD TVs and surround sound set-ups.

Whether it's a head crab leaping out at us while we're crawling around an air vent or the full force of hell appearing out of thin air while we're looking in another direction, giving yourself the willies is part of the fun at this time of year.

Let's face it, you've got a better chance of getting spooked playing a game thesedays than you have of going to cinema.

Below you'll find our favourite Halloween games that we've cobbled together clips from. Now we're not saying these are the games that will make you plop in your pants, we're just saying you should check them out if you haven't already. They're all favourites of the CVG team.

Funnily enough, they're not all first-person shooters either, that's now an overcrowded genre brimming with dark-themed 'horror' games. There's just something not that scary about holding a double-barrelled shot gun while stalking the corridors of hell.

If anything, having all that fire power at your fingertips makes you feel safer than being trucked up in bed. Hell should be scared of you. But iagine being in a haunted village with nothing but a camera for survival. Now that's spooky...

As we're dancing with the devil here, expect some strong language and the odd use of the 'F' word. It's only a natural reaction in these situations...

Let us know what horror games turn you on below.