New Overlord content coming soon

Halloween deadline missed then...

Codemasters' comedy-evil action romp is a bit of a mixed bag. Some like it, some don't. Some call it a straight up Pikmin rip-off, some don't. But considering you're supposed to be the biggest badass south of heaven, why do you walk round like you've just sat on a carrot? That, we'll never know.

New content is coming though, just in time for Hallo-, oh, scratch that. It's coming sometime in November in the form of one free and two premium download packs (pricing hasn't been set yet).

The premium package is led by Overlord: Raising Hell, that adds new single-player levels. An additional premium pack, the Overlord: Challenge Pack will deliver new multiplayer maps.

The free one will add split-screen play to all original maps as well as introducing a new multiplayer survival map.

Hidden away at the bottom of the release is: "PC downloadable content is expected to be made available in the New Year."