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AX360 Headphones

Review: Get more from your games

HD gaming is a great thing, as most gamers kitted out with a HD TV and 360 or PS3 will tell you. Surround Sound too is a great thing. You can hear people creeping up on you in Halo, hear cars about to whiz past you in Gran Turismo and hear the ambience in games like Silent Hill to full effect. Where's next then? Well, we'll yell you where - the AX360 headset, that's where.

Billed as a true 5.1 Digital Audio Headset, the sound they pump direct into your head is nothing short of incredible. And the fact that they rumble when enough base tells them to is almost too much for your ears to take in. Hands down this is the best thing to happen in gaming since everything went HD (apart from Wii).


The AX360 headphones are manufactured by Tritton Technologies and the UK retail stockist is A pair will set you back an RRP of £79.99. Be sure to check out details of CVG's exclusive discount at the bottom of the page.

We've been blown away during games of Halo 3, The Orange Box, Sega Rally, FIFA 08 and EVERYTHING ELSE we've played with them on our heads. They fit right over your ears, totally blocking out external sound and they've got a comfy, padded design so you really can wear them all weekend without any side effects - apart from going deaf, maybe. They also come with a volume control knob that allows you to tweak the sound levels in the front, back, centre of the sonic experience as well one for the vibration function. That should be turned up to ten, always.

The AX360 phones (and the PC equivalent, the AX PC) are compatible with anything that has a digital optical input. We plugged the headset straight into the HD TV to save switching between different consoles. There's even a microspore attached to the headset for voice communication over Xbox Live. The package comes with an external audio controller box that plugs into the mains - they're literally too powerful for batteries.

We seriously can't recommend these highly enough. We plucked members from the likes of PC Zone, Official Xbox Magazine and Official Nintendo Magazine and told then to have a listen. We all agree these are the future.

Yes there are a lot of awesome games out this year, and yes - a pair will set you back the best part of £100. But if you pick up a pair of these, each and every one of those games will sound ten times (approx) better. Your experience will be better for it. No one will tell you to 'turn it down' either. They won't be able to hear a thing. Perfect.


As we're officially giving the AX360 the thumbs up in every respect, we've teamed up with Coolest Stuff to offer a 5% discount. Hit this link for the product page and quote the discount code: CSAA-CLTF-AX36. This offer will run from Nov 2 to Nov 16.

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