Japan drops ten cool points

Guess what these people are queuing for ( and it doesn't star Mario)...

Mario Galaxy is out in Japan today and there are people queuing outside shops all over the place!

That's what you do when a game like Super Mario Galaxy comes out. You go to the shop and you buy it. Immediately. That's not what you do when a flight sim comes out though, is it?

That's what these guys (pictured, courtesy of Siliconera) are doing though. They're not only ignoring the fact that Nintendo's masterpiece is out, but they've actually got out of bed and gone to the shops in Akihabara, Tokyo, to queue for something else.

Ace Combat 6. That flying game. Which also came out today, apparently.

Now Ace Combat's a decent game, sure. But MARIO GALAXY is out.

You know when you hit the wall in PGR and you loose all the kudos you racked up in the previous powerslide? In our eyes, these guys just hit the wall.

We thought Japan hated Xbox 360 anyway? What's the deal with that? Don't tell us that Ace Combat 6 is the game to save 360 in Japan.