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South Park does "Guitar Queer-O"

Activision's Guitar Hero gets the South Park treatment

You know your product's hit the big time when it becomes the sole topic of an entire South Park episode. That and you get Slash to front the box art, obviously.

The latest South Park episode will take the piss out of Activision's Guitar Hero game, calling it "Guitar Queer-O". Other IPs to get it include World of WarCraft and Wii.

Posts on the South Park notice board say, "Stan and Kyle are hooked on Guitar Hero. But Stan's superior skills on the video game damage his friendship with Kyle."

Apart from that and a few stills of the episode, little else is known about the episode, and more importantly, what songs "Guitar Queer-O" will target for humiliation. It'll be like Beavis and Butthead all over again.