Mint Zelda stylus YOU can't have!

Because you're not in Japan

If you were a DS owner in Japan right now, you could buy Zelda: Twilight Princess, register it online and wait for your frickin' sweet Zelda-themed feather-shaped stylus to turn up as a thanks from Nintendo - for being in Japan.

But (the chances are), you're not in Japan, you're in the UK, so you're not going to get a nice stylus as a thanks from Nintendo. You can have some Star Points on the almost pointless UK Nintendo site (which we stopped bothering with in the GameCube era), but no stylus. Sorry.

So, after looking at the picture below (courtesy of Kotaku) with envious rage, the best you can do is head over to eBay and see if you can spend actual money on one. That's what this editor will do right now.