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I am Iron Man

And here are his first screens

Sega has passed along the first batch of Iron Man screens. Super-Man eat your heart out?

The Iron Man game was first unveiled at this year's E3, and we were far from impressed about what we were looking at during the live action demo. That early on, it looked like a Super-Man game and we all know how badly they do.

During a recent interview we asked producer Justin Lambros how the studio would ensure that it's not all just flying and shooting, level after level? "Iron Man can do a lot more than just fly and shoot, so we've got a bunch of different kinds of combat for him," we were told.


"Also, there are a huge variety of enemies with some pretty cool strategy elements required to take them on. Plus, there's the suit customisation part of the game, which is pretty significant."

We also asked if these huge movie firms are taking games more seriously then ever before. "Marvel has always understood that its characters needed to be faithfully recreated in multiple mediums," Lambros explained.

"While Marvel Studios is definitely a film-centric company, they are very open and interested to all the products that come along with their films. Many of the people in my office are gamers, even some of the filmmakers, which really helps to be able to collaborate with them."

Check out the first Iron Man screens below, taken from the 360 version.