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No new PS2 in UK "until '08" says Sony

Slimmer PS2 to boost Christmas sales in Japan, UK release "not until 2008"

Sony will launch a new, even slimmer, PS2 in Japan on November 22 to compete with the still storming Wii this Christmas, but UK will have to wait until next year.

If the already wafer-thin slimline PS2 isn't light enough for you, Sony's third iteration of the console will weigh just 720 grams - including the built in power supply (which is external on the current version).

The new console will cost 16,000 Yen, according to Reuters, which works out at around £66 in normal money.

Release dates and prices are yet to be set for other regions, although Sony has told CVG this morning that it the release is "not until 2008", as previously reported.


Although the sales gap between PS3 and Wii has been closing over the past few months, Nintendo remains to sell twice as many current-gen consoles as Sony, so the new PS2 SKU should help Sony stay in the fight this Christmas.

PS2 has sold 120 million units worldwide and counting...