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COD4 goes to the movies (360)

Hold on to you flashbangs - direct feed footage inside

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is finally here and it's rocking our third-world. Here are some sweet, sweet gameplay movies to prove it.

We're fully engrossed in the single-player campaign for the moment but there's a whole other world of multiplayer yet to be discovered. If you were lucky enough to play the beta, you'll know what we mean.

We've captured a batch of footage from the opening levels of the 360 version and spliced them together into one, handy, five minute movie of serious war footage. There's also some multiplayer gaming now uploaded too. Don't laugh though, we've just started playing it!

Check out the exclusive footage in the movie player to your right and stay tuned for more frontline mayhem later today from the PS3 version.