Singstar PS3 finally dated for Christmas

Girl and granny favourite arriving on PS3 in time for Boxing Day

After plenty of commotion surrounding when on earth it's actually going to be released, SCEE has finally come around a stuck a date on the PS3 version of Singstar - and good news, girls, it'll be out in time for Christmas.

December 7 is the date you'll be able to pick it up in the shops. It of course comes complete with all its fancy new "game 3.0" features like the music store and online community, where you can post videos of yourself getting drunk and singing Westlife.

Apparently, there's also something going on at the 02 Arena where you can try the game out. We're not going anywhere near it without at least three pints of cider in us.

Look for the review shortly before release. It's going to be fun.