Win! Heroes of Mana on DS

Competition: Blag Square Enix's sweet DS RTS

You may know the World of Mana series as an epic RPG, but Heroes of Mana takes the series down a new path as a real-time strategy battle game on Nintendo's handheld.

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Using the touch screen for control over your fighters, you take characters from the series into battle, battling in an Advance Wars- style grid environment and gathering resources to strengthen your team. It also features an awesome soundtrack from Kingdom Hearts composer, Yoko Shimomura.

We've got ten copies of the game to give away thanks to Square Enix, as well as a cool themed DS pouch for each winner to slip their DS consoles into.

You know deal - answer the question below and hope we pluck your name out of the giant electronic hat when the competition closes on November 19. Good luck!