Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

We grill WAR's product manager about what will surely be THE MMO of 2008

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Rahim: We fully realise there is percentage of the MMO audience that prefers PvE play, and we are definitely designing the game with these players in mind. There are a huge number of quests to undertake, boss encounters and massive dungeons to explore that will test the wits and skills of any player or groups of players.

It also offers a chance for more cautious players to slowly get accustomed to the added danger and excitement of facing off against something other than NPCs. Because, fighting against a real player is challenging.

By that point, we're confident that players will be enjoying themselves so much that they'll be 100-percent ready to go out and take part in the larger-scale RvR content in Warhammer Online.

Finally, how do you envisage future hardware technology impacting/shaping MMOs and taking them beyond what we're seeing today?


Rahim: Technology will serve to better the feel, look and overall gaming experience of MMOs. There will come a day when we may see massive battles with thousands of players engaged in intense combat on one screen.

But at the end of the day, technology is only a tool. As a studio, we want to use technology to engage people to play MMOs, to encourage players to interact and to ensure gamers are having fun.

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