Codename Panzers: Cold War - new RTS screens

Ten new shots from the "evolutionary" latest instalment in the RTS series

Codename Panzers: Cold War developer Stormregion has promised that this sequel in the series will be an "evolutionary" RTS. New screenshots have been released.

"We wanted our fans to experience everything they enjoyed in the previous Panzers titles plus as many new improvements as we could come up with", Cold War lead designer László Peller has explained.

And discussing the storyline, Peller has said, "The baseline for our story is the historic Berlin Blockade. Day after day, hundreds of planes brought supplies to this besieged city and it became a focal point for Cold War hostilities.


"One particular incident, part fact and part fiction (conceived by us) changed everything. An accident occurs which the USSR uses as a pretext for war. Seen through the eyes of the heroes in the game, the motivations and beliefs of each of them play a large part in how the story unfolds. To complicate matters further, not everyone on each side of the conflict shares the same beliefs as their compatriots."

More from the mouth of László Peller here.