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Hang in there, pleads Konami - PES will be fixed

Konami promises to fix broken online play on PS3 by the start of next week

As early adopters of Konami's latest footy sim will be painfully aware, the PS3 version of PES 08 has got some serious issues with online gameplay, but Konami says it will finally be delivering the anticipated remedy this coming Monday.

Crippling lag plagues the game's online mode, making for an occasionally unplayable game.

A Konami spokesperson has confirmed that the patch that will fix these issues will be made available on November 19.

Konami has "set a deadline of Monday 19th November to get this to the public, as we are aware there are a lot of gamers out there that are avoiding a massive part of the game because of the online issues.

"I would say to ALL PES fans to be patient with us while we rectify the problems," the firm
goes on to plead on the PES forums. "Please be assured that we are working very hard to fix these problems. We hope that everyone will soon be enjoying the online aspect of the game which people will love playing with their friends and fellow gamers,"

In other words, don't throw the PES disc in the bin and buy a fully-working copy of FIFA 08 just yet.