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Email: "Warren, I cannot stress how important it is that you wrap things up with Subject Seventeen as soon as possible. We're obviously relieved that you seem to be closing in on the target memory, but you need to step it up. Everything we're working towards depends on your retrieving these locations. Without them, we've got nothing. May the Father of Understanding guide you to success."

Explanation: The target memory in question is the final boss fight, and the revelation of multiple artefact locations. Obviously they're keen to get the information as quickly as possible so that Abstergo's retrieval teams can locate the artefacts.

Q. What are these Pieces of Eden?
A. It's unclear, but they could be the mythical golden apples. Apples are mentioned numerous times, and there are apples drawn in blood at the end. In Greek mythology there existed three Golden Apples, and it could be that this belief has been linked with Biblical aspects, and the Pieces of Eden and Golden Apples are the very same thing - the 'forbidden fruit' in the Garden of Eden.

Q. Explain the Achievements please!
A. There are two. After using Eagle Vision in the bedroom you'll unlock 'Visions of the Future', which is self-explanatory: clues for the next games. The Eagle and the Apple -1191 Achievement isn't as obvious. The Eagle is Altair - the parallels between the protagonist and the bird are too numerous for that not to be the case. His hood mimics an eagle's beak, his leap of faith move is accompanied by an eagle's cry and even the name Altair means 'The Flying'. 1191 is the year in which Assassin's Creed is set, which strongly suggests that the other games will take place in different times. The Apple? That would be the Piece of Eden that Altair viewed at the end of his adventure - the third Golden Apple.

Q. What's the other writing?
A. There's Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese writing on the mural too.

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