Bethesda talks Fallout 3 DLC

We'll probably look at DLC once the game is content-complete, Pete Hines tells CVG

Bethesda has said it'll likely look at producing downloadable content for its forthcoming post-nuclear RPG Fallout 3 once the game is content-complete.

"How much of it or what we would do if anything is still up in the air", the studio's Pete Hines told CVG when asked whether download content is something planned for, and would fit with, Fallout 3, in an interview hitting the site soon.

Right now, Bethesda's entire focus is on making the game as good as it can possibly be, he explained.

"We had the same approach with Oblivion, which is if we f*** this up, nobody's going to want to download anything for it anyway. So let's focus on the first thing we're doing, get that absolutely right and then we'll have time for the other stuff", Hines added.

He continued, "Obviously you're not building content all the way up to release; at some point you stop.

"Every time you touch the game you're breaking it so at some point you do stop on the content side and just focus on polishing and bug testing and so forth. At that point it may be something our content folks start to look at."

Fallout 3 is currently due out autumn 2008 on PC, PS3, Xbox 360.