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Geometry Wars Galaxies delayed

Hardcore Xbox-born shooter floats in space a while longer

The release of Geometry Wars Galaxies, the massively expanded Wii and DS sequel to the shooter which originated on Xbox, has been delayed into next year.

The game, which was originally cited for a late 2007 release, will now not touch down in shops until January 18, confirms Sierra Entertainment.

That's a real bummer. We mean granted, the game would probably have been lost among the Mario Galaxies, Call of Duty 4s and Assassin's Creeds in this Christmas' fantastic line up of AAA games, but we can't wait to see how one of our favourite XBLA games is shaping up as a full-on quest.

Sierra is excited about it, too. "The Geometry Wars: Galaxies videogame for both the Nintendo Wii and DS accelerates to warp speed with masses of enemies, more than 60 planets, bigger power-ups and a brand new Battle Drone to help players tear through the campaign mode. Also, for the first time ever, Geometry Wars will let players battle across a variety of planets in multiplayer mode," it explains.

It's supposedly 60 times bigger than Retro Evolved on 360, too. Check out our preview to see how it was coming along when we had an early hands-on play a few months back.