SingStar PS3: £1 a song

Pricing revealed for PS3 edition of drunk karaoke favourite

Sony Computer Entertainment has unveiled pricing details for SingStar PS3's SingStore, where you, your girlfriend and your nan will be able to buy new tracks for GBP £0.99 each from the December 7 launch date.

At first SingStore will offer 44 new tracks over the vanilla game's 30, including songs from previous PS2 entries and new ones (like The Manic Street Preachers and Depeche Mode - no Snoop though).

Sony promises new content will be added to the SingStore regularly, starting as early as little over a week after release on December 17.

It also boasts that downloading of new tracks will take place entirely in the background, so you can keep making a prat of yourself on the mic while it downloads.

The game itself is being offered for the bargain price of £24.99, or £49.99 with two microphones. That's the missus' Christmas present sorted, then (or for yourself, going by the worrying number of you who seem to be excited in the comments).