Assassin's Creed secret revealed!

Full intro inside for the four people who don't know what Ubisoft's big 'secret' is. Spoilers ahoy!

So Assassin's Creed is finally in the shops. Bought it yet? You can read our review here in case you're still sitting on the fence. And in case you're musing over which format to pick up, why not take a look at our 360 / PS3 comparison movies while you're reading our verdict.

But what about that massive twist Ubisoft made everyone pretend wasn't there? You know, the one we all got wind of at the end of Jade Raymond's live demo at X06 when the screens went all wavy when Altier died? Looked like something out of Total Recall to us...

Turns out the massive secret isn't even a twist, it's the whole premise for the game. And it's revealed in the game's intro, which is a bit of an anti-climax if you ask us.

Anyone who plays Assassin's Creed will discover the truth in a matter of seconds of starting up a new game.

Because we've been bound by goodwill to pretend it wasn't there - even when we (and the internet) all knew it was - we can't wait to get it off our chests. If you've already played the game than it won't come as a surprise at all. Just like if you've got past the opening cut scene.

Take a look at the Assassin's intro in the movie player to the right. Thoughts below.