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Games Workshop's Blood Bowl for DS, PSP and 360

Cyanide Studio readying handheld and Xbox 360 versions of the brutal fantasy sports game

Games Workshop's brutal table-top fantasy sports game Blood Bowl is being turned into a videogame for Nintendo DS, PSP and Xbox 360.

Blood Bowl on the handheld and console platforms is being handled by studio Cyanide Studio, which is also working on a PC outing.

Cyanide is behind Chaos League, a PC title that bore more than a passing resemblance to Games Workshop's game, but the studio became the official licensed developer for a series of games based on the Blood Bowl property in 2006.


Blood Bowl, for anyone unaware, is a brutal fantasy sport - think rugby meets American football meets orcs and magic and a pitch strewn with limbs.

"This will be a faithful representation of Games Workshop's board game in which insane warriors of the fantasy Warhammer universe compete in a 'sport' that vaguely resembles American football. Release is scheduled for late 2008", Cyanide says of its Blood Bowl project.

No screens yet, but we've uploaded first artwork to this page.