Haze demo rumoured to hit PSN today

Four-player co-op mode enabled in the FPS demo, suggests gossip on the 'net

Rumours are circulating that a demo of Free Radical's shooter Haze is set to hit PlayStation Network at some point today.

According to reports, info on a release date for a demo has appeared on the Spanish Official PlayStation website, although a quick scout of said site has turned up zero (although admittedly our knowledge of the language only goes as far as 'dos beers por favor').

Anyway, according to further rumour the Haze demo features a jungle-setting level and will feature four-player co-op mode enabled, one of the shooter's big selling points.

Haze publisher Ubisoft couldn't shed any light on the rumours or indeed anything on any plans for a Haze demo whatsoever when contacted earlier - but if we get anything concrete (like it being on PSN), we'll let you know.

Haze on PS3 is currently pencilled in for release on December 14. PC and Xbox 360 versions, while officially unconfirmed, are widely expected to hit in 2008.