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PS3 outsells Wii in Japan - seriously!

Are things on the up for Sony in its home territory?

Sony is happy at the moment. PS3 sales have almost tripled in the US, and new official figures from Japan have revealed that Sony's console has actually outsold the seemingly unstoppable Wii for the first time ever.

For the week ending November 11, Media Create figures put PS3 sales at 55, 924, while Wii only managed 34,546.

This is great news for Sony, whose sales were probably helped along by the recent release of Dydnasty Warriors 4 - the latest in the mundane hack-'em-up that those guys seem to lap up.

The PSP did well, too, with over 58,000 sales - just 20,000 behind the DS with 78,000 sales. Could this be a turning point for Sony? Here's the complete list of hardware sales in Japan for the week ending November 11:

  • DS - 78,884
  • PSP - 58,964
  • PS3 - 55,924
  • Wii - 34,546
  • PS2 - 9,043
  • Xbox 360- 5,817
  • GB Micro - 708
  • GBASP - 211
  • GC - 69
  • GBA - 4