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Games That Will Ruin Your Christmas

Feature: What not to get the girlfriend...

We're spoilt for choice this Christmas where games are concerned. It's been a truly fantastic year for gaming on all platforms.

Tiny Tims across the world are certain to find it difficult placing Mass Effect over Mario Galaxy, Assassin's Creed before Ratchet & Clank or Orange Box above Crysis as the games on their Christmas list.

What's a lot easier to work out is the games you don't want in your stocking come December 25.

We might sound harsh, but with so many great games in the shops at the moment we've simply no time for anything less than knee-trembling-amazing. And some games, as we reveal below, are almost guaranteed to ruin your holiday.

Print this list out and give it to your wives, girlfriends and mums, then thank us for making your Boxing Day in front of the telly a little more civil. You've been warned!


SingStar PS3
Controversial one this because, you know, some of you might actually like drinking too much wine and singing S Club until the neighbours come over (and going by the forum, a disturbing amount of you do). If you buy SingStar for your missus or nan this Christmas, the PS3 is going to be hijacked for dodgy renditions of Pussycat Dolls when you could be playing Ratchet and Clank. It's an easy gift we know, but just don't do it.

Anything on Wii that isn't Galaxy
We've counted and this year we've bought a total of three (yes, three) Wii games this year. Let's face it, if you're playing anything other than Super Mario Galaxy at Christmas you're wasting your time (and need a slap). Even if you've already collected all 120 stars there's no excuse for playing Metroid Prime 3 after Christmas dinner; play trough Galaxy again, it's the perfect Christmas Day game.

Rubbish Brain Training knock-offs
In the smartest and most obvious business decision since Blizzard said "let's make a World of Warcraft expansion," every games company in the world has decided to make its own Brain Training rip-off. Don't be fooled; the original Dr. Kawashima edition only costs 15 quid and you won't look like a you ended up with the tramp's version as you will when you're playing 505's The Professor's Brain Trainer.


Mass Effect
Don't even kid yourself; you're not going to have time to play it. At Christmas dinner, you'll be thinking about Mass Effect. In the pub with Dad, you'll be thinking about Mass Effect. On the couch watching Only Fools and Horses, you'll be thinking about Mass Effect. But you won't get to play it properly until well into the new year when the kids have gone back to school and you've finally got the red wine stains out of the carpet. Finish it in November, or wait until 2008...

Need for Speed: anything
There's a chance it won't ruin yours, but it'll make ours a little sour. Pro Street is a bit rubbish, but most of all we're sick and tired of writing news stories about how Need for Speed is Christmas number one. Again. Underground did it, then Most Wanted did it and if EA has its way Pro Street will hoover up all your Christmas cash as well. It's the worst entry in the series for a very long time, vote with your money and maybe Need For Speed will return to the high speed police pursuits we enjoyed, and not the boring, menu-obsessed track racing its adopted for the new game.

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