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First Soul Calibur Legends review isn't good...

Fighting series' Wii debut disappoints Nintendo Power

The usually brilliant Soul Calibur series has made its appearance on Wii in the form of a spin-off adventure game, but, unfortunately for Nintendo fans, word is it's not up to scratch.

The latest issue of Nintendo Power, the official Nintendo Magazine in the US, has published the first review for the game - a small, easily missed column at the back of the reviews section - with a score of just 6.5 out of 10. Oh dear.

The review says: "It's too bad that the game feels like it would have worked better as a side mode that as a fill game (think Devil Within from Tekken 5)."

It continues: "Worse, fighting the same bad guys in the same levels over and over again just makes the whole experience feel tedious and can become physically fatiguing after repeatedly wagging the Wii Remote."

Not the most in-depth review, but that not what fans of the fighting series would have liked from the first review of Namco's Wii effort.

Nintendo Power, which is now in US stores for $4.99, contains a review of Super Mario Galaxy, and huge preview hands-on with No More Heroes.