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Bethesda: 12 endings for Fallout 3

One of the things about Fallout 3 is you cannot do everything in this game, explains Pete Hines

RPG Fallout 3 will have somewhere between nine to 12 different endings depending on your actions in the game, developer Bethesda's told CVG.

The game's not like Oblivion, he said, where basically anybody could do anything. Fallout 3 is fewer number of quests with lots of ways to complete them and things are opened up to you or locked off to you as you go through the game, Hines added.

He continued, "There will be somewhere between nine to 12 different endings to the game based on what you've done in the game. So it's something that is inherently a diverging path. It may be some of the same things but doing them in very different ways, and ultimately that will define your gameplay experience."

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