Armed Assault: Queen's Gambit

The battle may be won, but as Martin Korda discovers, the war is far from over

When Armed Assault finally emerged from the foliage earlier this year after its protracted development, it proved more than worth the wait. Despite a collection of irritating bugs, it was an immense, freeform tactical shooter that lived up to the heritage of Operation Flashpoint.

If you've been hankering for more of the same, then this expansion pack's two diverse campaigns will be just what you've been looking for.

The Rahmadi campaign sees you and a handful of troops tracking down the remnants of the SLA army after its defeat in the original game. Only problem is, the swines have regrouped and are now readying a counterattack, which you must stymie with some firecrackers and two packets of dental floss.


Or at least, that's how it feels as your outnumbered forces are beset on all sides by tanks and heavily armed enemy squads. While there are only a handful of levels, each one is humongous, and extremely tough.

The Royal Flush campaign is the antithesis of Rahmadi. Slower, stealthier, larger and more character-driven, you play a member of a mercenary unit hired by South Sahrini's new queen to take care of some pesky insurgents.

But all is not as it seems. Royal Flush's gameplay requires a different approach to Rahmadi (such as hiding bodies to mask your presence) and you're sometimes presented with the choice of going it alone or using the whole team, which adds an extra challenge.

Now for the bad news. While there's plenty here to enjoy (including two excellent new multiplayer missions and a smattering of new weapons and vehicles), there's not a great deal of ambition. The missions, while entertaining and varied, are also a little similar to those in Armed Assault. What's more, AI (both friendly and hostile) often proves irritatingly erratic and is either too accurate or just utterly ignorant.

Throw in a smattering of clumsy spelling and grammar errors and some ropey presentation, and you're left with a hit-and-miss product that'll no doubt satiate the hardcore, but probably prove a tad too irritating for the rest.

The verdict

Same again

  • Two diverse campaigns
  • Quality new multiplayer maps
  • Some new weapons and vehicles
  • Team and enemy AI leave a lot to be desired
  • Not a great deal of ambition
Bohemia Interactive Studio
Sim / Strategy