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CoD4 PS3 fixed at last

...and it's about time too

Finally, you should be able to turn on your PS3 today and shoot some faces online in Call of Duty 4 without any friggin' error message ruining the fun, as Infinity Ward has fixed the servers.

The game's online mode has been fraught with problems since release, first with a complete online failure when the servers were apparently "slammed" by legions of players, then further issues again yesterday, coincidentally just after Sony released PS3 firmware 2.01.

But everything should be fine now, as Infinity Ward's community relations manager, Robert Bowling, confirmed today: "You should no longer be receiving this error message or any other issues related to the firmware update in the game."

He added: "Thank you to everyone for giving us the heads up on this so we could start tracking down answers, and getting it resolved and please let us know if you have any additional issues."

We're sure you will.