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Video: Mario and Sonic duel

Classic rivalry in direct-feed Olympic footage

So, Mario and Sonic's first game together lands this Friday, after years of playground scuffles over which character is better.

Sega is confident the Olympic match-up is going to be a multi-million seller, and rightly so because, as well as the inevitable boost it'll get from next year's sporting event, it's pretty good fun, as you can read in this review.

In the direct-feed footage viewable in our video player, we take you through a selection of track and field events, as well as shooting and swimming. Then we finish off with Mario and Sonic throwing the platforming squabbles aside and just getting down to the nitty gritty: stabbing each other in the chest in a fencing face-off.

Oh, and the flashy intro video is in here too, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.