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Ready your vocal chords - online infamy awaits

Tricky, this. Singstar doesn't really need PS3's seven core parallel processing power - so what's the big change? Simple. Rather than forcing you to buy hundreds of instalments - Rock, 80s, R&B and so on - you can now buy songs individually, like itunes. Oh, and now you can broadcast your shame online.

SingStar PS3 comes with 30 tunes of varying quality, from the catchy high-pitch squeals of the Scissor Sisters to the growls of Twisted Sister (not related). Swing your eyes right for the full list. The crux of the game is largely unchanged as you grab the mic, belt out your chosen track and desperately try to keep your vocals in tune with the melody. Simple. But it's the online features that have really upped the ante.

Eye do
Using the PlayStation Eye - PS3's very own EyeToy with built in mic - you can record yourself dancing to Britney or shuffling to Radiohead, and then upload your best performances to My SingStar - a sort of cross between YouTube and MySpace for online users. Here you can challenge high- scores set by other players, post snaps of your mewling face as you try to hit the high notes of Coldplay's Fix You or even download wallpapers of your favourite stars.


Speaking of downloading, the SingStar Store means that you can buy new songs via an iTunes style system to boost your collection. Sadly, prices are still under wraps. Our guess? Quid(ish) a track.

So SingStar PS3 is everything we hoped for (with the exception of not being bundled with wireless mics - boo) and being able to download new tracks at the touch of a button is masterstroke. It's still the ultimate party game, at least until Rock Band comes out.

The verdict

Overall The complete party package, made yet more essential by all the new features.

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