Fatal Inertia finally coming to PS3 - in '08

KOEI racer finally coming to PS3 next year - spring '08 releases likely

Fatal Inertia, which didn't exactly set the world alight on Xbox 360 (review), is finally coming to PS3 next year says KOEI - a spring '08 release has been given as likely.

The futuristic racer of course originally began life as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but after now-infamous problems working with Epic's Unreal Engine 3 on the platform, Inertia jumped ship to Xbox 360 and has been in the shops for a little while.

It's a bit like Star Wars pod racing through rocky canyons, except with shiny cars and big magnets to shoot at your opponents. And with framerate issues on 360.

Our sister magazine Xbox World 360 called the 360 version a "rubbish futuristic version of Diddy Kong Racing". Let's hope the extra time spent on the PS3 iteration turns it into a better game on Sony's platform.