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Korea has a PS3 Phone

Runs on Microsoft software and you can play SNES games on it...

Sony confirmed yesterday that it's not making a PS Phone, but Korea doesn't care because it's gone ahead and made one anyway.

The pictures below are of the Amycoll PS3 Phone. Clearly, Sony had nothing to do with it, but the unit actually looks pretty nice with its PlayStation buttons, proper D-pad and wide LCD screen. Nice work from the boys in "Koera" as it hilariously says on the unit.

And the funniest thing is that the PS3-branded unit runs on a Microsoft operating system for which, over the years, numerous emulators have been made, most notably full-speed SNES and NES emulators. Not missing the trick, the phone actually comes with said emulators pre-installed, probably breaking every copyright law in existence.


Check out the 'Windows: designed for PS3' logo. Hah! We want one.

[Source: Mobilementalism]