CoD 4 missing 120p, internet goes mental

Dry your eyes boys, it looks brilliant anyway. Jeez...

When we first turned on Call of Duty 4, our first response was "wow". But that's because we weren't meticulous or geeky enough to count the number of vertical pixels it throws onto our TV screen.

Someone was though, and that someone has discovered that, just like Halo 3, not running at a 'full HD' resolution. Call of Duty 4 runs at a rather peculiar 600p - that's less than the industry standard 720p, by the way.

So is it time to go mental? No, not really. What difference does it make to the human eye? We've finished the game and put countless hours into the multiplayer mode already, and we never once thought it looked granier than other 360 games. All we've noticed is that it look bloody phenomenal and runs at a higher frame rate than real life.

We suspect that, again just like with Halo 3, which runs at 640p, a few lines of pixels were dropped in favour of pouring more processing power into a drastically improved frame rate. The resolution is artificially upscaled before it gets to your TV screen. You aren't likely to notice the difference on anything smaller than a 50-inch TV.

We don't see what all the fuss is about, but we're awaiting a reply from Infinity Ward on the matter.

[Source: B3D Forums]