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Tomb Raider: Anniversary finally on XBL

360 remake arrives in two ten quid episode packs, just in case you can't be arsed to walk to the shops

We've been wondering for a while where it'd gone to, but the Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider Anniversary is finally up for download on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Owners of last year's Lara release Tomb Raider: Legend can download the remake in two episodes weighing in at 1.5GB each and 1200 Microsoft points - which is about ten quid in normal currency.

The boxed edition was released in the shops last month and it really is quite good. There's also a Wii version (with torch controls!) planned for release next month.

If you passed over PS2 and PC versions of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and have no idea about the story and gameplay features awaiting you, then click off and read our review to get up to speed.

And for something a little more special, we've got this Xbox 360 and PS1 comparison video.