Why should we care about Frontlines?

Frontlines producer Joe Halper explains why in latest demo trailer...

Kaos Studios' Frontlines: Fuel of War has been a long time in the making and in this current blitz of first-person shooters it's hard for our attention to be kept on any shooter for longer than two minutes.

This latest developer blog trailer hopes to win back some of the spotlight from the shooter competition and we have to admit we're more interested having seen it in action.

If you haven't been paying attention thus far, Frontline's is a near-future infantry and vehicle FPS where the two factions are engaging in a globe-spanning battle for oil. It's also been done by some of the blokes behind stupidly popular Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat, which is definitely reassuring.

It's out on PC and Xbox 360 in February. Look for more soon.