Win! PSP Slim and Final Fantasy

Competition: Square Enix dishes out the goods

Playing the PSP fat isn't cool any more. How would you like to win yourself a sweet new PSP Slim and a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions to play on it?

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Thanks to Square that's what we're offering you the chance to do because we've got one of Sony's trimmed-down portables and a copy of Square's turn-based tactical FF spin-off to give away to one lucky winner. We've also got nine extra copies of the game to give away to nine runners up.


The War of the Lions lets you take characters from the Final Fantasy universe into 3D turn-based battles, recruiting characters such as Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. 22 different jobs, over 400 different abilities, wireless melee and co-op missions, FF Tactics is crammed with as much depth as the main RPG quests.

Just answer the question below and your name will go into the CVG cyber hat from where we'll pluck the lucky winners. Good luck.