Games "lack the wow factor" says Katamari creator

Keita Takahashi misses being surprised by games

Katamari creator Keita Takahashi is feeling a bit down on games right now. So much so that he might leave games altogether and go off and find something new to do. But that's another story.

Speaking about creativity in a recent interview to be published later today, Takahashi told us, "Defining the word creativity is difficult in a sense. Even the likes of God of War, for instance, it is really well made. It's a great graphic game with an interesting story. It's not fair to tell them that their games have no creativity. Having said that I do feel many games do lack the wow factor in a sense. Something that you feel very surprised by."

If you've ever played a Katamari game you'll know that they're a bit bonkers. They're awesome, but completely mental. "I feel that the setting is normal for me," says Takahashi of the series.

"There's nothing surreal about it. I think if Katamari is considered so creative then to me it feels like the videogame industry in general has lost its direction."

Look out for the full rant soon.