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Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Blue jumpsuits and pistols at the ready!

The original Pursuit Force was a surprise hit. Here was a PSP game that played at breakneck speed and unfurled like something out of a $100 million Michael Bay movie. It was packed with car chases, balls-out firefights and ludicrous over-the-top 'hero' moments that saw you leaping from car to truck to speedboat, then unloading a clip in someone's face - all the while wearing a dorky looking blue jumpsuit.

It was 100mph action gaming in your hand. Now, with a little more cash and some extra sheen, its production values have been ramped up for Extreme Justice, a brilliant sequel that takes what the original did so well and builds on it.


Faster, leaner, meaner and a bit fairer than the last outing - the ability to choose your difficulty level has now been added - Justice is exactly how a sequel should be. Not only that, it gets a whole lot darker too - but we won't spoil the curve ball that's thrown at you only two missions in.

All together now
The biggest difference here is that you're not on your own anymore. There's a team of officers backing you up in every frantic mission, each with their own special brand of justice; demolition, driving and helicopter pilot. Plus some familiar faces from the past make a return too, including the Convicts and the Warlords alongside Justices's brand new Capital Cit Crud, The Syndicate, The Raiders and The Vipers.

Boss battles are over-the-top with some taking place on the wing of a plane and a violently skidding fire truck with a flame-throwing taunting hillbilly nutter at the wheel. It's exactly the kind of action overload you'd expect from BigBig Studios.

There's extra value here too, with Bounty and Challenge modes enabling you to hone your skills and rack up some points, which can now be used in the newly added Shop to buy cheats and upgrades. Although the multiplayer is offline, Pursuit Force allows you to play through the whole game with up to four buddies.

A frantic and shallow slice of retro-feeling arcade brilliance that sucks you
right in. May not have enough depth to keep you coming back for more, but it's a real blast in the short-term.

The verdict

With new additions like the Shop, leaner graphics and a custom difficulty option, ensure this is the best Pursuit Force yet. Twenty-plus hours of macho gaming in your hand.

PlayStation Portable
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Computer Entertainment