2008's Best Xbox Games

The ten we'd quit our jobs for (joke)

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Everything the Grand Theft Auto IV here.


Ninja Gaiden 2

We love the controls, awesome boss battles and rock-hard challenge of Tecmo's action series, but let's face it; Ninja Gaiden 2 is all about the BLOOD. Lot's of blood.

The face-chopping sequel has you murdering rival ninjas in real-world environments, including settings in Tokyo, Venice and Times Square in New York, though funilly enough Dagenham market is yet to be revealed.

The fighting system has been enhanced with improved enemy AI and new moves, though don't pretend you weren't going to buy it anyway.

More blood, gore and (probably) harsh language here.


Splinter Cell Conviction

We were a bit worried when Ubisoft slotted it's next stealth-em-up so soon after the release of the rather disappointing Double Agent. But confirmation that original dev Montreal is on board and a delay to next year, has us confident that Sam Fisher's next won't be a flop.

An Assassin's Creed-like crowd blending system and a storyline straight out of 24 are the main catalysts for this very different Splinter Cell. We're very much looking forward to lobbing lawn chairs at cops and throwing tramps into newsstands - as long as Ubisoft doesn't cop out and put us back in the nightvision goggles half way through.

Crossing our fingers it all goes well here.


Fable 2

The follow-up to one of the best selling games on Xbox is naturally Microsoft's top pick for 2008 and the guinea pig for some very outlandish game features from Lionhead.

First off you can't die. Instead of kicking the bucket your character picks up disgusting scars and looks a bit minging if you get your arse kicked. Secondly, you've got an adorable dog companion to play fetch, frolic through town with and order and tooled-up orcs and baddies. It's different alright, but Molyneux promises he's not being over-ambitious this time. Yeah, right...

Lots of promises on this 'ere page.


Devil May Cry 4

What started off looking like a standard, albeit pretty follow-up to Capcom's shooty-slasher series has grown into a well, even more brilliant looking follow-up to Capcom's excellent shooty-slasher series.

The fourth instalment promises even more frantic sword-gun action with the introduction of Nero, who can use his 'Devil Bringer' ability to grapple and re-arrange enemies making for potentially endless chains of combos. Just like Lost Planet last year, DMC4 is guaranteed to provide some chilly February entertainment when it's too cold to go outside.

It's tears before bedtime over on the DMC4 game page


Halo Wars

Who can turn down big-battle skirmishes between Halo Spartans and still-worting Elites? Another one pencilled for early in the year, Halo Wars is bound to remain in gamers' memories for one reason or another come this time next year.

Developer Ensemble is taking up the eternal task of making RTS work on a joypad, but what we've seen of Halo Wars in action suggests it won't be a cock up. In fact, it *gasp* might actually work. Either way, when the Elite are wort-ing, we're happy.

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