Wii demo channel launched

Download demos and trailers through the Everybody's Nintendo Channel in Japan

Nintendo surprised Japanese Wii owners this morning with the sudden launch of a new Wii channel that allows users to download DS demos and Wii trailers.

Called the Everybody's Nintendo Channel, it lets you view footage for upcoming and already released Wii games, and rip down small demos for DS, which can then be uploaded to your portable wirelessly.

The demo is stored temporarily on your DS' internal memory, which is erased when the console is switched off (like when you play multiplayer games with a single cartridge).

It's only available in the Japanese Wii Shop at the moment though and, as seems to be the norm with new Wii channels, Nintendo is not likely to announce a UK date before it actually appears on your Wii (to preserve the element of surprise), so you'll just have to keep an eye out for that glowing blue disc slot.