US PS3 sales up 300%

Cheaper 40GB model pointed for sales jump in North America, we reckon Christmas has got something to do with it as well...

In even more sales willy waving, Sony Computer Entertainment America has said that PlayStation 3 sales have increased by (exactly) 298 percent since November 2 in North America.

The platform holder puts the jump in sales down to the availability of the cheaper 40GB PS3 model, as well as the beefier 80GB option in the shops.

The fact that it's the biggest month of the year for game releases probably helped as well, we reckon.

Sony says that total numbers for all PlayStation products rose 178 percent during the holiday, Thanks Giving.

Based on data from the "top 10 retailers in North America," the PSP was up 136 percent for the week and the PS2 shot up a massive 287 percent. There's till life in the old box yet, then.

Sony's Japanese outfit bragged similar sales success earlier this week, when the PSP Slim & Light cleared a million units in the Far East.

No word from Europe yet, but we're predicting shameless sales bragging in 3, 2, 1...