The Nintendo Games of 2007

Feature: The ones that weren't just for the mainstream

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Pokémon Diamond / Pearl

Nintendo's licence-to-print-money Pokémon series came to DS and, despite the fact that it barely diverged at all from the same old format of the GameBoy game of past, it still manages to turn seemingly normal people into obsessed creature-collecting geeks.

Pokémon Diamond / Pearl has perfected the series. Hundreds of Pokémon, masses of land to explore, more items and depth than we care to discuss and online battling gives Pokémon fans everything they could ever want. Which begs the question: where will the series go from here? In the full 3D adventure direction, we hope.

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Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush on DS is a return to form for Sega's mascot. The back-to-basics gameplay, enhanced by the new boost system, remind us why we loved the hedgehog in the first place.

Sonic Rush Adventure, as the title suggests, tries to shoehorn in an extra story element which we quite frankly couldn't give a rat's ass about. Sonic is all about sprinting at idiot speeds through rollercoaster levels and, beyond the annoying but easily-skip-able cutscenes, SPA has plenty of the good stuff. And being split over two screens means these levels are broader and more intricate than in any of Sonic's classics.

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