Greenpeace don't like MS and Nintendo

Both companies come up short regards removing toxic chemicals from consoles

Twisted congratulations to Nintendo for becoming the first company to score zero out of 10 in Greenpeace's environmentally friendly rankings.

But hey, don't worry too much Nintendo, because Microsoft isn't far behind.

Both companies have come under attack from the environment-hugging Greenpeace for "taking too long to phase out toxic chemicals from their game consoles."

Nintendo had provided consumers with no details on the substances it uses or future elimination of hazardous materials, Greenpeace explained.

Microsoft, meanwhile, saw points deducted for "its pledge to eliminate toxic chemicals only in 2011 and for having no voluntary takeback program."

Nintendo and Microsoft have been placed at the bottom of Greenpeace's quarterly environmental rankings alongside Royal Philips Electronics NV and Sharp Corp. The rankings list includes 18 companies in total.