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Alone in the Dark: 2008's dark horse?

We've got exclusive insight into Eden's blindingly ambitious Central Park-set scarefest...

In the next issue of Xbox World 360, we're blowing the lid off Alone in the Dark. New shots, all-new details and a brilliant interview with producer Nour Polloni reveal exactly why this freeform horror adventure could be one of the best game's of next year... Until then, tantalise yourself right now with a taste of our epic, no-holds-barred interview...

Central Park is a huge space - ramming it full of content must be a hell of a job?
It was a challenge, especially as Central Park is almost a city within a city with its own wildlife sanctuary, police precinct, museum, boating lake and castle. But the environment has been a dream for the level designers giving them lots of variety to work with, so there's no shortage of things to do. However, it's true that you might get a bit fed up running everywhere - after all, like the real park, there's quite a lot of long paths and open spaces with not a lot going on. So you'll definitely be using vehicles quite a bit to get around and keep up the pace. We've spread the action over pretty much the whole of the park (842 acres! - Ed) so there's a bit of ground to cover.