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Blacksite "so f****ed up", says creative director

With a year to go, the game was disastrously off rails, says former Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith

Blacksite creative director Harvey Smith has described the development process of the FPS as "so f****ed up" in a candid post-mortem on the game.

"With a year to go, the game was disastrously off rails", Smith has explained on the title which has released in the States to a mixed reception (GameRankings averages review scores at around 67 percent currently), adding that as soon as the game reached playable form it went straight from alpha to final.

He even admits that initially he "wasn't excited about this Area 51 game", the least favourite of two projects he was involved with. "We got hammered so hard, and we deserved it", Smith has said.

"Everyone was forced to share tech. It took eight months to get one thing working", Smith continued in the post-mortem. He also complained about the fact that the team was given only four days to fix and polish a level, which he's described as "completely reprehensible."

Despite all this, he says personally he'd award Blacksite an 80 percent, "claiming the gameplay is still fun and that the contemporary political satire sets it apart from most games", according to a report on Wired.

So why has Smith been so honest about the game's shortcomings? "I believe in personal accountability", he explained.

Blacksite launches in the UK on PC and Xbox 360 on Friday. A PS3 version is due in 2008.

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