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A Mario autobiography

Spilling the secrets as the voice of Nintendo's biggest character

Charles Martinet, the man who provides the chirpy vocals for Mario, is working on an autobiography about his time voicing the most iconic videogame character ever.

Martinet's writings, which he aims to have ready for release next year, will paint a picture of Nintendo from the inside as he reveals what it's like to work with the games giant, and provide the voice for such a huge icon of videogames.

"I've actually started working a little bit on a book, but it's about finding the discipline to keep going.", he told CVG. "But I will be inspired by fans," such as one, explained Martinet, who said to him at the recent Mario Galaxy launch event in London: "You're the voice of my childhood."

"That's the sort of thing that makes you think 'yes, I want to write a book so that I can acknowledge that'," Martinet told CVG.

He also added his thoughts on the whole violence in videoganmes debate, saying: "Violence in videogames, if you can call it violence - you have to take it into perspective. I don't think that people go out and steal cars because they play a car stealing game, any more than I think that someone is going to shoot somebody because they play a shooting game. You don't do that because that a game."

He adds: "It's up to parents and family members to know what their children are doing and how much time they spend doing it and the impact those things have on them. People playing Mario games don't make them like pasta any more."

Check out the entire video interview right here.