Virtual Console games get Wii features!

Pokémon Snap gets new Wii online functionality in VC release - is it the first of many?

In both an exciting and unexpected piece of news, its been revealed that N64 effort Pokémon Snap will have new Wii functionality worked into its release on Virtual Console.

According to Dengeki Japan, The VC version of the on-rails snapper will have a new function over the N64 original. You'll be able to post photographs taken in the game on your Wii message board and send them to friends over the internet.

Not the most riveting feature on its own, but that fact that this confirms Nintendo is willing to add new features to its Virtual Console classics is incredibly exciting.

Previously the Nintendo line has been that it wants to keep the retro releases identical to their original console release, which has also been the excuse for dodgy framerates and borders on the PAL VC.

Potentially, this change of stance makes online GoldenEye, Pokémon Stadium net trades and SNES pointer integration all a brilliant possibility. Even an online leaderboard for Super Mario Kart would be a dream come true.

Pokémon Snap will be released on the Japanese Virtual Console on Decmber 4 (that's Tuesday). Let's hope it's the first of many Wii functionality addition to VC games.

[Source: Dengeki]