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Where Are They Now?

Feature: Big games that went under the radar

Stop shovelling a year's worth of food and booze down your gob! It's time to spare a thought for big games that, for one reason or another, we've not heard anything on for many moons.

There are several major games that have dropped off the radar in recent months - no doubt due to the fact that 2007 has seen so many big releases. Below we pick out our ten that we're itching to find out more on.

Dragon Age
Developer: BioWare


We were fully expecting - or perhaps hoping is a better word - that BioWare's PC-exclusive RPG Dragon Age would release in 2007. However, we were to be left disappointed and, in fact, the last bit of new information the developer dropped on our heads was right back at the beginning of the year. (Mass Effect, we point our finger of blame at YOU for the Dragon Age drought).

There are many reasons to be excited Dragon Age, not least the fact that it's a BioWare RPG and set in a universe of the developer's own making. On top of that, we're promised the studio's including numerous revolutionary genre features. Normally we might cynically reply, "Yeah, right", to that, but this IS BioWare we're talking about. You just know it's going to be an awesome adventure during an age of dragons.

Alan Wake
Developer: Remedy Entertainment


News in late 2006 that Microsoft had signed Alan Wake as a Windows and Xbox 360 exclusive was a nail in the coffin for the Wake information highway. OK, so we had a bit of a new detail blip at the beginning of the year, but then the last we heard was in July when Microsoft simply said the game wouldn't make it for 2007. Bummer.

Remedy's best known for the Max Payne series of games but with suspense-thriller Alan Wake there's genuinely an impression that the developer is about to pull a fresh, innovative and magic experience out of its creative hat. And, let's face it, Alan Wake has a team behind it that knows how to thrill and to entertain. Prepare to be sucked into the nightmare and have your head messed with in Bright Falls.

Alien FPS
Developer: Gearbox Software


Alien FPS: it "will retain the atmospheric look and feel of the original films while leveraging next-generation technology to create an entirely new interactive Alien experience", Sega said when it announced the game back in December 2006. After that we had one piffling update from Gearbox - that players will strap on boots as a Colonial Marine, with the storyline playing out from the Colonial Marines' perspective.

We're huge fans of the Alien movies - well Alien and Aliens at least. The property's no stranger to videogames of course, but it's been a mixed bag of quality to date, which is a shame when you consider the quality of a source material that's ideally suited to games. Give us an FPS as good as James Cameron's Aliens and we'll die happy screaming space marines rolling around in vats of alien acid-for-blood.

Hundreds of Aliens on screen at the same running in your direction, with you pointing a massive gun at them? Yes please.

BioWare's top secret MMO
Developer: BioWare (obviously. Duh!)

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